Welcome to Diving World!

Diving is flying but between things.

Welcome to Diving World!

Join us for one of the most exciting experiences to discover the hidden underwater life

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The inspiration to explore is a natural emotion. The aspiration to discover is widely experienced and very human. Our blue earth is 70% covered by water and it is beneath the surface that we find endless adventures just waiting for volunteers.

what is the meaning of "Alghais"?

Before the beginning of the 20th century, the only means of living used to be by diving for pearls and collect large numbers of pearl oysters or mussels from the sea bottom. "Alghais" is the traditional name for the pearl diver during gulf countries pearling period before discovering Oil.

We are a Qatari Company managed by Qatari team who are inspired by the sea and underwater marine life, some of us are into professional diving, others are into maritime business and with cooperation with our professional multi-cultural team we will provide Qatari locals, expats, and market with the latest and highest quality services and products

Our Mission

To utilize most modern diving training education incorporated with highest level standards and quality to improve the local recreational diving, and maintain high levels of professionalism while conserving Qatar’s marine environment.

Our Vision

To mold our traditional diving into modern professional training with highest standards, and provide the divers and marine market with high quality products.

This can be achieved by training divers on bench-marked quality education and build their way forward to get into diving professionals world. In addition to providing the Qatari market with best available diving & marine equipment and services.

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From Birth, man carries the weight of gravity
on his shoulders.
He is bolted to earth.
But man has only to sink
beneath the surface and

jacques-Yves Cousteau

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